DESERT LOVE (documentary, 70min, eng, 2018)
I SAW A DEAD DOG (experimental/documentary, 90min, slo, 2018)
BUTTERFLY LOVER (experimental, 16min, eng, 2017)
18+ CENSORED (experimental, 16min, slo, 2017)
MY GURU SAID: MEDITATE FOR 30 DAYS AND YOU'LL FIND A REASON (experimental, 32min, eng, 2017)
MITJA DUH: LEP JE DAN (documentary, 90min, slo, 2016)
FUCKED BY JIM FUCK (experimental, 25min, slo, 2015)
GONGOMAN: FILM BOOK IN 11 CHAPTERS (experiemntal/web, 60min, eng, 2015)
MAGIC CATCHER (experimental, 81min, eng, 2014)
ICE AGE (experimental, 11min, eng, 2014)
SNOWCREATURE MAN(experimental, 7min, eng/slo, 2014)
ARE YOU DEAF? (experimental, 14min, eng, 2012)
SOUND JOURNEY IN PERU (experimental, 19min, eng, 2012)
WA ARE ALL WATER KIDS (experimental, 50min, eng, 2010)
11 STORIES IN 10 SECONDS OF MY LIFE (experimental/documentary, 81min, eng, 2010)
SWIMMING IN SAO PAULO WITH 2 VIDEO ARTISTS (experimental/documentary/web, 55min, eng, 2005)
GIRLS LIKE ICE CREAM (experimental, 70min, eng, 2005)